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Skipping Stones

By Darcy Burnett

Finger curled around a paper thin stone,

Place bets on this rock.

At the valley of rippled reflections,

My rigid arm is a revolver’s hammer,

I’ve seen the flickers in the vacuous night.

What was shot out severs and

Makes trembling bashful kisses to the water beneath.

I start to wipe the sand and seaweed from my hands.

Rogue waves still erupt from below,

Lips break on broken glass.

The stone drowns in a stoic free fall,

I sift for another rock.


By Melyna Gilbert

candlelight is how i like to

see you say my name

tumbling through the dark

to find the light

whispered past the burning smoke

and caressing listening ears

candlelight is how i like to

see you say my name

the way your lips wrap around it

and dance with its momentum

the way your eyes carry it

and spill its secrets into scorching heat

candlelight is how i like to

see you say my name

caught by the glow

and engulfed by the darkness

following your eyes towards mine

it sounds like sin and prayer

Old Friends

By Mariana Chajon

Season visit,

I see you standing in place.

It’s implicit,

I can’t keep up the pace.

Yearly limit,

And my space grows into less.

I want to see you but

I can’t keep up the pace.

I count the minutes

Of my every day

And in the end

They always run away.

I try catch

My old friends

In between takes,

In between breaks.

Yearly visit

Won’t come today

It’s implicit

You’ve turned the page.


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