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And This Is Why I Love

A collection of poems exploring why we can't help but feel.

February 5th, 2019 | Creative Writing

Warm Welcome

By Sabrina Dunn-Plouffe

I’ve let so many people walk in

Some that may not have been welcome

Some that stayed for too long

And some that left before I would’ve wanted them to

That’s what makes it difficult

To bring myself to open those gates again

And let someone new in with my warm welcome

Sometimes, it feels too good to be true

Oh, but honey,

Nothing is ever too good to be true

If it comes into your life

And makes you happy and warm

That’s the kind of warmth you need inside

Especially on a cold winter’s night

Don’t take what you deserve away from yourself

Grab it with open arms

Everything happens for a reason

And everyone that enters your life will bring something to it

So for now (just for now)

If it feels warm,

Hold on tight

Enigmatic Fixation

By Crista Fusaro

seeing you

across the ocean’s blue

longing to feel

the heat from the fire

in your untamed mind

desiring your touch

beneath my skin

unraveling me

from the very core within

i have now learned

what i truly feel

being in love

with solely the idea of you.

Nowhere To Be Found

By Isabelle Bujold

I hope I never get tired of the starry sky,

Of live music, Or the sound of waves

I hope I never get tired of discovering pockets in my skirts,

Of bakery croissants, Or having someone to miss

I hope I never get tired of borrowing library books,

Of successful first attempts, Or having new ideas

I hope I never get tired of the smell of fresh laundry,

Of sweet effervescence, Or the city where I fell in love with you

I hope you grow old and realize she doesn’t enjoy the little things in life

Like eating a good meal, Or watching documentaries,

Like getting sick, Or even laughing at a stupid TV show

I hope that someday

You search for me in the simplest of things

And I am nowhere to be found


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