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Apply for next year's Editorial Staff!

The Plant newspaper is looking for its next Editorial Staff team!

If you are passionate about writing, art, journalism, and a creative work environment, this might just be the place for you. Keep in mind, to apply you MUST be a Dawson College student that will be attending the school throughout the upcoming year. These positions are, of course, unpaid, as we are a non-profit student newspaper.

The application deadline is April 22.

You can apply HERE:

The positions available for the upcoming semester are:

- Editor-in-Chief (EXECUTIVE) *NOTE: Applications for this position are held separately ( The deadline to apply is April 10, and the position is decided through an election.

- Managing Editor (EXECUTIVE)

- Marketing Director (EXECUTIVE)

- Copy Editor (EXECUTIVE)

- Graphic Designer (EXECUTIVE)

- News Editor

- Voices Editor

- Sciences Editor

- Creative Writing Editor

- Arts & Culture Editor

- Sports Editor

- Visual Arts Editor

- Curiosities Editor

- Cover Artist

- Video & Photography Director


Position descriptions (abridged):

Section Editors (News, Voices, Arts & Culture, Creative Writing, Visual Arts, Sciences, Sports): your responsibilities include gathering contributions to the paper, copy-editing articles, and fact-checking. You will submit your own written work when relevant and cover events, exhibitions, and shows, seek out feature stories, initiate investigations and write special reports, all of which will strive to be relevant to the Dawson community. (In the case of Creative Writing and Visual Arts, instead of articles you will be working with poetry, short stories, and visual art submissions respectively). You will publish in print monthly and online weekly. You will be able to curate the section of the newspaper that you are responsible for alongside a team of awesome, motivated individuals who are working hard to make a wonderful newspaper.

- Managing Editor (EXECUTIVE): Manages the editorial staff, enforces deadlines, helps keep everyone on track; basically ensures the completion of tasks and provides assistance to the team. The Managing Editor also helps handle financial matters and works with the rest of the Executive team to run the team.

- Marketing Director (EXECUTIVE): Manages social media and online presence of The Plant. Implements marketing strategies for the promotion of The Plant. Organizes & coordinates events and meetings. Works with the rest of the Executive team to run the team.

- Copy Editor (EXECUTIVE): Fact-checks and copy edits all of the work that is published by The Plant, both online and in print. Keeps documentation of meetings and works with the rest of the Executive to run the team.

- Graphic Designer (EXECUTIVE): Formats the entire issue into InDesign. Must be very comfortable with InDesign and graphic design principles. Works with the rest of the Executive to run the team.

- Cover Artist: Creates the cover art for each monthly issue, as well as monthly posters to promote The Plant. Also can be available to create visuals for the issue content when needed.

- Curiosities Editor: Creates cartoons, horoscopes, sudokus, and all the other fun things that we find in our curiosities section!

- Video & Photography Director: Creates journalistic video content (interviews, vox pops, etc) and photographs for the issues and for promotion of The Plant. Creates content for social media.


Being a member of The Plant requires a significant investment of time and energy, but it is incredibly rewarding.

We look for individuals who are: creative, hard working, determined, skilled writers, involved in the school's community, etc.

If you have any questions about the positions that are available, the responsibilities that they entail, or the general functioning of The Plant, feel free to send us a message at, check out our website at, or drop by our office at 2C.15!


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