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As Seen in the Hallways: Morgana Fellman

Casey Kiss

Voices Editor

(Photo credits: Morgana Fellman)

In our first As Seen in the Hallways piece of the year, meet Morgana Fellman. Morgana is a second year Liberal Arts student who has recently self-published her own poetry book under the pseudonym Cora Wolfe. She also graciously laughed at my cheesy jokes off the record.

Thank you for sitting down to talk to me! First things first, tell our readers about your book One Heart, Two Ghosts, Three Lovers, and a Rose.

Actually, here’s what I texted my friend about the book which I think explains it well… Okay, it’s a poetry book that follows a linear narrative about love immigration and self discovery. There’s also some LGBTQ content and lots of emotions and learning how to deal with that. It’s around 180 pages which is quite long for a poetry book but some poems are really short so it’s easy to read and it’s my own experience sooo yeah.

Writing a book of any kind is super impressive, let alone a poetry book. What was your biggest inspiration while writing?

Definitely my love experience and experience immigrating from Brazil.

What was the self-publishing process like?

It was hell. Okay, first, I had no idea what I was doing, then I had to do so much research, and even then it was not that clear because I feel like they’re trying to make it really hard for you to self-publish. Then, you know, there’s lots of places that say, “we can give you tips!” or help you, but it’s a scam. It was terrible. Then finally my boyfriend’s dad knows all about graphic design, book design, and typesetting, so I was like “oh my god it’s my lucky day,” so he’s been helping me through the process.

What’s the most standout, important theme from the book?

I would say it’s about love, and I know that sounds cliche and really cringy, but I feel like everyone either needs to learn how to love others or themselves at one point in their lives, and I got to discover that pretty early on so that was cool.

Well, to have written a book, I’m assuming reading and writing are big hobbies of yours. What are your hobbies outside of that?

I’d say watching movies. I know that sounds a bit like, “okay, you stay at home inside too much,” but I really love acting performances. I want to try acting myself at some point, it might not work but I really like watching people get into characters and tell a story, so it kind of fits in with reading and writing.

Any plans to continue to pursue writing?

Absolutely! I want to be a writer, which I already am but when I say writer I mean I want to be someone who can say that they’re a writer for their profession and who actually makes a nice income out of it. I have an idea in my head for a sequel as well as for fantasy books that are an extensive world, and I want to write more poetry books. I also have a couple ideas for other novels so I’m kind of all over the place but lots of ideas.

Well I have no doubt you’ll write some more great books but one last thing! Tell our readers where they can keep up with your writing and buy the book!

Let’s just say I tried setting up a website and it didn’t work so for now I’m just on social media, Instagram mostly at @iamherbooks and you can buy the book through my Instagram handle.



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