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As Seen On Zoom: Catherine Korman

By Yaani Dinu Mahapatuna

Feeling the close watch of one managing editor baring into my soul, I took to Zoom to interview Catherine Korman, caffeine-chaser and kindest human being at Dawson.

First, the do-or-die question: Camera off or on during zoom class? 

I always turn my camera on. I feel extremely bad for teachers who have to teach something that they are passionate about on an online platform where half the students are just blank screens. I find it super important for the teacher to at least know who I am, and for other classmates to also see a picture of me. 

Leave it to you to empathize across virtual platforms. I know you value kindness a lot, but if you had to choose between the ability to 1) say please and thank you and 2) drink coca cola, which would you choose?

I honestly have a serious addiction to Coca-Cola. I would love to say that my answer is one, but it really is not. I need a nice cup of Coca-Cola a day. I have tried stopping multiple times, and it has not panned out. I need to go to rehab, but for Coca-Cola drinkers.

(Editor’s note: I can confirm that Catherine Korman can be sighted at least once during a 24-hour period with dark brown liquid in her cup. I wish I could say it was coffee). 

Ability to inhale concerning amounts of soda aside, what do people not know about you?

Many people don’t know that I have a daily dance account. I am extremely passionate about dancing, and love to cha cha when I have the opportunity to do so. Even though I may not be the best at it, it’s one thing that gets me going, and I really enjoy dancing with friends as well, in non pandemic circumstances.

How would you describe your dancing?

I’d say that when I dance, and I’m in a crowd, I get the crowd to dance with me.

You do have a pied-piper effect on drunk people. And I have no segue to this, but can you tell me a joke? 

The present, the past and the future walked into a bar

It was tense

Cue laughter.

I’m not great with jokes. I mostly laugh.

You do have such an infectious giggle… and an infectious personality. I don’t think I’ve ever heard you say something bad about anyone. Which is why it totally makes sense that you’ve taken an important administrative role at Best Buddies, a really cool Dawson volunteer initiative. Could you tell me a bit about it?

Last year, I joined Best Buddies, a program in which you get paired up with an individual who has intellectual and developmental disabilities to try and integrate them as best you can into your community. I was offered the president position for my second year at Dawson and was extremely honoured to have the chance to lead such an initiative. It’s great to see people that really care about the growth and development of their peers as well as their community. It has taught me a lot. 

To hear more about Best Buddies, MIO Catherine Korman.



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