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As Seen On Zoom: Pass the Torch Edition

Daylen Conserve interviews next year’s Editor-in-Chief, Pipa Jones

By Daylen Conserve


As this year comes to an end, so does my time as Editor-in-Chief at The Plant, but I am glad to announce my successor: Pipa Jones, our current graphic designer. They are a first year graphic design student, an amazing photographer and an avid plant collector.

What are your favourite memories from The Plant?

Honestly, it’s the 6pm Monday meetings where I get to log onto Zoom and witness absolute nonsense for 45 minutes. Do important things get discussed? Absolutely. Am I crying of laughter every five seconds? Also yes. Who knew the Plant meetings were gonna be this entertaining? (I didn’t).

What are you looking forward to as the next Editor-in-Chief?

Hmm, definitely getting to see the amazing work that everyone produces. And I’m already anticipating the feeling of each new issue release and the knowledge that we’re sending out an awesome issue once again. Also, seeing my name at the top of the staff credits!

Any big changes planned?

Whatever my team peer pressures me into doing. *laughs over the internet* In all seriousness, we are opening up a new position (is this where I tell people to apply for next year’s team?) and maybe we’ll add a few new fun sections to the newspaper? Stay tuned Plantlings!! Big things coming *insert That emoji y’all know the one*

How would you describe the graphic designer to EIC pipeline?

It’s sudden, it’s jarring, but what can I say, I’ve always loved pretending that I hold the most important and crucial role.

Are you excited for the possibility of in person classes next year?

To be completely honest…yes and no. Yes, because I crave that social interaction, and I do think in-person teaching is much easier and more effective in terms of student-teacher relations and just for overall comprehension. However, I’m hesitant because I’m not sure we’ll be ready to do it safely. I want it as long as the threat of transmission and infection is very very low. Also, I’m a big fan of just turning off my camera and clocking out of class whenever I want to (for legal reasons this is a joke).

Talk about your plant collection!

Dear reader, if you’ve seen a contributor’s deadline post on our Instagram recently, you’ve already met some of my babes ;) The first plant that I absolutely must mention is the spider plant that I received from the Plant team of Winter 2019!! She is thriving and I will forever be grateful to the Plant for this gift (Answer to question 3—I’m bringing back the plant giveaways for contributors). Next, most notable because of their size, are my two Hoyas from my grandparents and a thing that looks like a Yucca (unconfirmed). My desktop companions include multiple water-propagated philodendrons, an aloe, a Chinese Money Plant, a sweet potato, and too many baby succulents. Window dwellers are my very colourful Croton named Crouton, even more baby succs*, some wild grass from a seed bomb, and my wonderful living stones. Can’t forget the ones scattered through my apartment: my Pink Polka Dot plant (it’s actually pink, I’m mesmerized), my Purple Queen (trandescantia zebrine—very purple), and mother plant philodendron. May we also acknowledge the 40 beautiful succs and cacti I had to leave at my parents’ house when I moved out because I don’t have enough window space for them :(

Next on the list is a Fiddle Leaf Fig!

I can feel Daylen rolling their eyes at the length of my last answer so here are my last words: Thank you for having me. I cannot wait to carry on the Plant’s legacy, see you next semester <3


Your future ruling entity,


*Section Editor’s Note: Pretty sure this word is cool kid slang for succulents.



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