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Ask the Plant

Photo via Unsplash

By Mariana Chajon

Dear The Plant, 

Do you think university will actually give me a future?

Love, Portfolio

Dear Portfolio,

Third semester is the semester when we students all have daily meltdowns thinking about the impending question of doom: will I have a future?

What I’ve learned this semester is that this “future” we keep stressing over doesn’t exist. I feel like a lot of us imagine graduating from university as a marking of the start of our “future”. I think we forget that life will continue flowing just as it has since we were kids, like waves at the sea shore, like kites in the air; there will never be a definite pace to life. The future is abstract, and nothing we do will change that. Life is a process of change and renewal. 

So, will going to university actually give you a future? 

Yes, and no; anything you do will give you a future, you just have to make it your own.

Go through life making the choices that will make you happy, take risks, put yourself first.

Live life, don’t think it.

Sending you hope and encouragement, 


Dear The Plant, 

Do you own any plants?


A plant-loving spider

Dear spidey, sadly, we do not have any plants in our office :(, but our whole team has plants at home! 

Would you want to be The Plant’s botanist?

Hope you consider it, 


Dear The Plant,

How does one find purpose in life?

From the CEO of sad boi hours

Dear Saddie, 

I prescribe you a night out with your best friends! And a lot of dog videos.

Life’s purpose is in every breath we take. 

Life’s purpose is in the laughter of people enjoying themselves, and in the eyes of people thinking. 

Spend time with your family, with your loved ones, but most importantly, spend time alone.

Go on a walk, and let your mind wander. You’ll probably come to realize your purpose in life is always next to your heart, and that it’s just being clouded right now. Wind blows strongly in fall-time; enjoy the last few weeks before the first snow sticks to blow those clouds away. Treat yourself to what you love, and think about why you love it. Filter out the things that don’t bring any positivity in your life; Marie Kondo is watching over you. 

If you live for yourself, life will be made for you.

With love, 




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