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Atwater's Rockaberry Knows What a Girl Wants

October 26, 2015 | Arts and Culture

Photo from Jessica Hookimawillillene

Drooling over chocolatey richness, creamy cheesecakes and warm apple pie is one awesome way to spend the cold fall evening with your new best friend, Rockaberry, and its selection of desserts.

When walking into the small express restaurant at Atwater and DeMaisonneuve – a stone’s throw away from Dawson – you will be overcome by the smells of incredible pies, making your mouth water almost instantly. The restaurant’s warm colours and popular radio tunes playing quietly in the background also add to the pleasant experience.

Admittedly, the service was not top notch; with water constantly low, waitresses impatient, and 20-minute wait periods, it made me question its “express” status. However, Rockaberry’s pies were the perfect pick-me-up for all to be forgotten.

Rockaberry holds an impressive 20-pie selection. They have pies like the Raspberry Fudge Cheese, which is delicious and a sweet tooth’s dream. The cheesecake was thick, rich, and whipped – just how I like my men. Jokes aside, the pie’s chocolate brownie base may have been heavy and a little hard to eat, but the airy cheese topping and raspberry ganache undoubtedly made up for it. It’s worth noting that this bad boy only costs about 10$, a great price for the quantity.

The only true complaint that could not be ignored was the state of the dishes; multiple forks and a plate had caramel residue. Now as much as some people may like it dirty, that does not apply to the cleanliness of restaurant dishes. In case you don’t want it dirty, Rockaberry sells whole pies to take home. You might want to call a day in advance just to check that your pie will be in stock.

On a cold day, your new fall lover will come in the form of a Raspberry Fudge Cheese pie, and a new best friend will be looking like a classic, reliable Lemon Meringue. Rockaberry’s pies will be there for you to get you through the chilly season.

Rockaberry Express is located at 1500 Atwater Avenue next to Atwater metro and Dawson College. Call 514-938-9090 for RSVP or orders for pies.


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