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Celebrities, Chefs and Musicians Take on Instagram

By Chelsea Moore 

Photo VIA @stationmusicmtl on Instagram

Celebrities, chefs and artists are broadcasting their lives and art more than ever before. Here are some entertaining accounts to check out!


#1 Charlie Puth 

The pause button has been pressed on normal life and we are all collectively searching for new and interesting content to busy our minds.

Charlie Puth is an American songwriter and singer, known for his hits “Attention” and “We Don’t Talk Anymore”. He has latched onto the hearts of many with his sweet ‘boy next door’ look. Charlie responded to this pause with his new song “I can’t wait for this to be over” which comically debuted on Instagram on April 8th. Despite festivals, concerts and, in some cases, album launches being delayed, nothing will stop Charlie from making music and sharing it with his eager fan base. He has been teasing his followers with 30 second videos of “practicing high notes” and his instrumental “quarantine blues” segments. You can count on both hilarity and sweet music from his account. Follow him on Instagram @charlieputh

#2 Leslie Jordan 

Leslie Jordan is an American actor and playwright, known for his role on NBC’s Will and Grace. However, he is quickly becoming one of Instagram's most beloved accounts for comedic relief! This 64 year old actor is grappling with the challenges many have been facing in this time of confinement such as overthinking, loneliness and pressures to rebrand yourself on social media. Leslie records his several failed attempts at meditation, himself practicing the downward dog and himself telling stories over unidentifiable snacks. Leslie Jordan is stepping out of the shadows and welcoming the world into his life through the internet. You can count on weekly comedic posts. Follow him on Instagram @thelesliejordan

#3 Massimo Bottura 

Massimo Bottura is an Italian restaurateur and chef of Osteria Francescana, a three-Michelin-star restaurant. He has gone from cooking for some of our favourite hollywood stars to launching his “Quarantine Kitchen” and connecting to his followers on a more personal level. This quarantine has allowed him to teach the world how to bring fine dining to their kitchens. He has tutorials on how to make Pizza, Tiramisu and Almond Gelato. Massimo will show you the intricacies of the culinary world at a safe distance. His instagram account is useful for all of you cooped up cooks! Follow him on Instagram @massimobottura


#1 Station Music 

Station Montreal is a small music festival based in Montreal that supports local artists and donates all of its profit to The Transition Project, a local charity. Dawson student Noah Abecassis and Marianopolis student Josh Ptack started this project with the intent of creating a new way to celebrate music in Montreal. Since Station Music had to be postponed, they have decided to use Instagram Live to bring concerts to the comfort of your home. By simply tuning onto Station Live each Saturday night at 8pm, you can have a front row seat to Montreal artists like Chloe Florence and Neomi. Despite the physical festival being pushed until 2021, Noah and Josh are turning Instagram into a virtual festival to grow their connections, build a relationship with their followers and continue to bring music to the world! If you miss the passion of concerts then tune into Station Montreal this Saturday at 8pm to hear Montreal artist Neomi! Follow them on Instagram @Sationmusicmtl 

#2 Pluto The Dog

Watch the life of Montreal dog Pluto as she takes on the challenges of being a dog in confinement. This hilarious 13-year-old Schnauzer rants through issues such as body image, living with a cat, and having a moody owner all on Instagram TV. Her owner, Nancy Wight, is a wildlife photographer with a history in stand up comedy, which would explain the hilarious content. Pluto gives tips on how to deal without toilet paper or how to social distance without giving people the hairy eyeball. This account is a great pick-me-up each week and a friendly reminder from our favourite internet dog that despite trying times, we are all in this together! Follow this cutie on Instagram @Pluto.Living


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