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Tamara Galinato

Curiosities Editor


2. The way we go from one floor to another that is somehow always broken (Dawson please fix them!)

3. The best student newspaper ever ;)

6. The place you go to to print your card

9. We have an upper and lower (1st floor & 2nd floor)

10. The place that is going to be packed during midterms and finals with students studying (and sleeping)

12. The mall connected to Dawson

13. A place you can go to on the 2nd floor since 1991

14. A place off-campus where we can have class

15. Dawson’s signature color Down

1. The place where you can buy food in the school

4. The name of Dawson’s beautiful garden

5. The metro station connected to us

7. Student space that is in the 2C hallway where many events can be hosted (ex: trivia night)

8. The platform we use that includes Mio and Léa

11. The place where we go to buy our school supplies and textbooks


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