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Tamara Galinato

Curiosities Editor


5. Peek-a-...

9. A place where the dead rest and ghosts linger

10. Snack of choice for a [3-down]

11. The final day of this month

13. Disguise

15. Transparent haunter

17. Carved pumpkin

19. A coloured pet typically associated with bad luck

20. A cleaning mode of transportation

21. Where vampires sleep

22. Sounds like a parental figure Down

1. Mad scientist responsible for the creation of this human-like monster

2. A themed attraction to walk through for adrenaline junkies

3. Undead, revived corpse

4. A [7-down] can cast one

6. The current season

7. The character who rides a [20-across] and can cast [4-down]

8. A famous count

12. Transform on a full moon

14. Synonym of scary

16. Sweet treats

18. One of the two options when knocking at the door


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