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November Curiosities

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

By Adela Pirillo

Winter is officially here, and we have three weeks of school left. Doesn’t that sound amazing? This month is all about working hard and keeping warm! I hope you enjoy our November issue with a beverage of your choice - mine is hot chocolate.

Birthday: If you were born November 19th, happy happy happy birthday! Also, if you were born May 21st, happy happy happy half birthday!

  1. Aries (mar. 20-apr.18) : Aries, allow yourself to embrace mistakes. Dealing with disappointment is hard, but learning to grow from it is the best reward.

  2. Taurus (apr.19-may 20) : Let the beginning of this new month bring you Tauruses joy and positivity. You might be fed up with your current daily routine, so remember this month not to settle for anything that does not make you happy.

  3. Gemini (may 21-june 20) : You cannot help other people if you do not also help yourself. Geminis, this month remember that it is sometimes necessary to put yourself first.

  4. Cancer (june 21-july 22) : Do not allow other people's opinions to affect your life. This month, Cancers, take control and define your life. Pleasing others is not the key to happiness.

  5. Leo (july 23-aug. 22) : Pace yourself this month, Leos. Life is a marathon. While you might experience random bursts of energy, it is important not to overwork yourself.

  6. Virgo (aug. 23-sept. 22): Your “I get shit done” attitude is key this month, Virgos. With that mentality, you can accomplish anything you put your mind to.

  7. Libra (sept. 23-oct. 22) : This month, Libras, let go of the past. While it might seem hard at first, accept your life now and have confidence in what is to come.

  8. Scorpio (oct. 23- nov. 21) : Disorganization may be holding you back, huh, Scorpios? This month, take time to clean your room, plan your week, and practice self care.

  9. Sagittarius (nov. 22-dec. 21) : You have survived a lot and you will survive whatever is coming next. Never forget that.

  10. Capricorn (dec. 22- jan. 19) : If you find free time, Capricorns, work on something creative. Inspiration can be found anywhere, remember that this month.

  11. Aquarius (jan. 20-feb. 18) : Embrace the unexpected. Every person will experience unplanned detours at some point. This does not make you powerless, it only gives you the opportunity to choose where you want to go.

  12. Pisces (feb. 19-mar. 19) : Pisces, things might not always go as planned, which is normal. Remind yourself why you are working so hard and keep going despite the struggles.

Quiz: Which Comedy Special Should You Watch This Weekend?

1. Who are you watching with?

  1. Your pet

  2. Friends on Netflix party

  3. Alone in your room with ice cream

  4. The people you’re stuck quarantining with

2. Which topic makes you laugh the most?

  1. Current affairs

  2. Relationships

  3. Work / school

  4. Family gatherings

3. What type of humor do you have?

  1. Witty wordplay or observational

  2. Dark

  3. Self deprecating

  4. Physical or slapstick

4. Choose a tv comedy

  1. Saturday Night Live

  2. Family Guy

  3. The Office

  4. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

5. Which of these things makes you laugh the most?

  1. Awkward situations

  2. Children swearing

  3. Fart noises

  4. Someone falling

6. Choose a comedy movie

  1. The 40 Year Old Virgin

  2. The Hangover

  3. 21 Jump Street

  4. White Chicks

If you got…

Mostly As: John Mulaney’s Kid Gorgeous at Radio City

Mulaney tackles topics like religion, relationships, and growing up with his signature electric good-humor and charm. This animating comedy special is silly, relatable, and completely original.

Mostly Bs: Dave Chappelle’s Sticks and Stones

Chappelle is fearless in this comedy special. He provides commentary on today’s social climate and reveals his frustration with cancel culture, all while keeping his famous edgy style.

Mostly Cs: Taylor Tomlinson’s Quarter-Life Crisis

This comedy special is the perfect watch for a night in. Through cutting comments and personal stories, Tomlinson makes coming-of-age comforting. Entertainment guaranteed.

Mostly Ds: Sebastian Maniscalco’s What’s Wrong with People?

Maniscalco’s stories are engaging and hilarious. He points out the weirdness of the modern world and people in general. He pokes fun at our world today and compares it to his time growing up.

Photos Via Netflix and IMDB


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