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Dawson's Climate Manifesto

By Isabella Désormeaux

Dawson’s Green Earth Club has joined forces with the Coalition Étudiante pour un Virage Environmental et Social (CEVES) in which Quebec’s most prominent student-run environmental activist groups: Pour le futur (PLF) for highschool, le Devoir environmental (DEC) for CEGEP , and most famously; La planète s’invite à Université (LPSU) for university are brought together.

These groups, who were responsible for the climate marches, are now organizing a full week of climate action. Transition Week will take place from March 30th to April 3rd all across Quebec. It will allow students to participate in actions to denounce the inaction of the governments.

During Transition Week, students at Dawson, alongside other schools, are mobilizing to stage an official strike on April 3rd. For this to take place, the Dawson Student Union will be holding a general assembly on Wednesday, March 25th. The event requires a minimum of 500 students in order to reach an official decision about striking conditions. A two day voting period will follow the general assembly for a final verdict on the strike.

Striking is much more than that just a day off. Strikes allow pressure to be placed on the

government. Transition Week will bring attention to the hydrocarbon and fossil fuel projects such as the proposed LNG pipeline in Saguenay, Quebec. Additionally, it will demand for decolonization efforts, solidarity with Wet’suwet’en nation and self-determination for indigenous peoples. With 10 000 students, Dawson has the unique opportunity to be the biggest student body on strike in Canada.

For more information, and to find the General Assembly Facebook event, contact the Green Earth Club on Facebook and Instagram at @dawsongreenearthclub.



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