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Dr Plant's Science Puns

By Jie Yu Li, Sarah Mailhot and Kaylie Terauds

I thought that some gossip could lighten the mood in this periodic time of the year where students and teachers alike are under immense Force/Area:

- Apparently, Oxygen went on a date with Potassium today and it went OK. (If it had been with Magnesium, it would’ve been “Omg!”)

- Water said that it was “AbSOLUTEly fine” for Salt to stay over at their place.

- When Zn was asked if he was going to react with Aluminum, he replied “I don’t zinc so.”

- I heard that a biology teacher wore designer genes on a first date. The date seems to have gone well, because she sent me a happy cellfie after.

- Better stock up on those Starbucks (that’s apparently the currency in outer-space).

- I heard that the best way to keep your electrons are to keep an ion them.

- Many people say that Organic Chemistry can teach you alkynes of things, but I’m not alkene on that.

Now that we’re alkane mentally, we should probably get back to work.