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Fear the Bite: Are Bugs What's Next?

November 28, 2016 | Sciences

Some tasty mealworms via Aja Palmer

All semester, the Communications Design and Practice course in the ALC program has been organizing an event for the Dawson student body you won’t want to miss.

The event will take place December 5th from 1o to 12:30 in the Lower Atrium, celebrating the end of semester. We invite you to come experience what we’ve been learning about all semester: a world in which all that’s left to eat is bugs.

As the world population increases to nearly 7.5 billion, and our consumption habits grow rampantly, our natural resources are quickly depleting. If the cycle continues, then humans will be in huge trouble within decades. The only viable solution is to find alternatives, and that is where we turn to bugs. This idea seems a little farfetched in our western society, but countries and cultures all over the world have been eating insects for hundreds if not thousands of years already. Insects are actually a really great source of protein and have been found to be able to sustain life along with the right diet.

On December 5th in the Lower Atrium, we will be hosting Fear the Bite. The event will have food, games, and some sweet videos. We aim to educate Dawson students on the disasters that are happening to our natural resources, what we can do to turn it around… and of course, why bugs are out most viable option.

Come and join us! Snacks will, of course, be provided (as long as you don’t mind crickets).

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