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February Curiosities!

By Miriam Sossin


As we finish off the Aquarius season and approach Valentines day and Pisces season, let these horoscopes guide you. And if you’ve got nothing else to love tomorrow, fall in love with these!

BIRTHDAY: Congratulations February 13th babies! Today you are a whole day older, fall in love with your new self!

AQUARIUS (jan. 20-feb. 18): Focus on those close to you this month, fall in love with loving the small-picture of life!

PISCES (feb. 19-mar. 19) : Take a break from the romances and adventures, fall in love with doing little things for yourself this month.

ARIES (mar. 20-apr. 18): Fall in love with things not going your way. Every “Oh Shit!” is an opportunity for a “Might as well”, so take advantage of mistakes and disappointments.

TAURUS (apr. 19- may 20): Fall in love with Queen Elizabeth II and Lizzo this month, you’re all the same sign and thus likely have everything in common! Be the true queen you know you are!

GEMINI (may 21- june 20): Change is inevitable! Whether it’s a new haircut, home, relationship, or latte flavour, you can’t stop it so you might as well love it.

CANCER (june 21- july 22): Fall in love with the unknown. You never know what you might gain by accepting the mysteries of life!

LEO (july 23- aug. 22): Take a step out of the spotlight this month. Fall in love with being in the backdrop and look at what’s happening around you, there’s a lot to see.

VIRGO (aug. 23-sept. 22): Fall in love with things that don’t make sense. Ditch the logic and appreciate all the weird shiz in your life!

LIBRA (sept.-oct. 22): Fall in love with a TV show this month. Immerse yourself into a new world and feel your problems temporarily melt away!

SCORPIO (oct. 23-nov. 21): Let go of control this month. I’m not saying to give up and let Jesus take the wheel, but fall in love with going with the flow.

SAGITTARIUS (nov. 22-dec. 21): You never know what fun fact can change you! Fall in love with knowledge, and let Alex Trebek guide you on a journey of self and world discovery.

CAPRICORN (dec.22-jan. 19): Fall in love with a new accessory this month, even the smallest changes can add a big spark to your life!




-DSU Clubs Fair--Lower Atrium--Feb. 18th, 9am-3pm.

-Legacy's Fashion Fest (BLUFF)--5B.16--Feb. 21st, 7pm. Tickets Available via

-Audio Lab Open Mic--Oliver's-- Feb. 21st and Mar. 13th, 3:30pm. Hosted by Sean St-Laurent! There will be PA set up and full band equipment.


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