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Free Verse - I wish…

Cristina Lijoi


I wish I could tell you.

I’ve lost and I’ve loved, and I’ve cried,

and I’ve laughed.

yet not a loss or love or cry or laugh feels

as special as when I,

lose or love or cry or laugh with you.

you are my soul,

my sun and rain,

the clouds in my sky,

the moon and the sun.

my heart races and I pace, and I make a

moment in time to remember your face.

your face,

and the space you create to exist in my


your laugh,

and the rabbit that makes my heart skip a

beat in time.

your brain,

works in ways a mind like mine finds hard

to understand,

and if I tried, I would be lost in a faraway


you’re far and close and long and small.

but I would travel far and close and long

and small just to touch your face and see

you smile and breathe your breath and

taste your lips and speak your words and

beat your heart.

I hold an apple to my eye, and I see you.


I can’t tell you that I want to lose, and

love, and laugh, and cry. I want to travel

far, and close, and long, and small.

For you are not here and,

I am weighing myself down on a scale of

bricks and stones, my arms too limp to

hold the feelings I mold.

I know you don’t want to lose or love or

cry or laugh,

with someone like me.

Someone who is ready to love,

the cobweb dusted parts in your heart.

Someone who is ready to trust the key,

that you store in the back pocket of your


I will wait until you see that you can pull

away the bricks and stones,

And feel the weight off your chest.

I will wait for the day that we can be each

other’s skin.

I will lose and love and laugh and cry,

like the way the sky needs night.

Like water needs river,

Train needs track,

Time needs space,

Cars need race,

Like a soul to a mate.


I wish I could tell you.


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