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Friendship is a Ring

Hannah Dane

Creative Writing Editor

You found it on the floor, miraculously!

Maybe you bought it at a shop or ordered it online.

There has never been a better ring,

a better fit, a better feel; it even shines!

It sits tightly around your index finger,

hugging it, snugging it, in a tight embrace.

You can barely feel it anymore!

It has clearly found its perfect place.

You’ve tried other ones before

at special events or for a bit of change,

but oh, nothing compares to your special ring.

It goes with everything, takes you everywhere.

Some days it snags on your shirt,

Leaves a scratch on your arm,

Or a bright red band on a swollen, choking knuckle:

Only temporary dents.

One night you left it on while in the tub,

while swimming, surfing, in a roaring tsunami, a level 5 hurricane!

And still it sat still, holding your hand tightly,

The dent it leaves dug deep and welcomed.

- For my Léanne


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