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Getting Ready

By Talia Kliot

Blue jeans booted off bald legs,

Clasps of copper necklaces fastened,

Drops of shampoo-scented water splatter,

Earrings poke through infected holes,

False eyelashes brush glass lenses,

Gut sucks in for the zipper to close,

High-pitched singing to Taylor Swift,

Iguana-like scales on skin before moisturizer,

Javelin Q-tips twisting in ears,

Keys thrown into a leather purse,

Lacy bralette under everything,

Mom mumbles, "Leaving in five,"

Nails painted by little sister,

Octopus arms attempt to speed up the process,

Pyjamas placed on the bed awaiting return,

Questions about which shoes correspond,

Ramen noodle hair blow dried straight,

Squishy sponge applies foundation,

Tresses tackled into a clip,

Ukulele topples over with a strum,

Vampire complexion eviscerated by powder,

Walnuts devoured to soothe a screaming stomach,

X-ray vision for exacting eyes on open pores,

Yoga posture for the first steps in heels,

Zits zapped and concealed,

Alter-ego stares back in the mirror,

Balm applied on cracked lips.

Careful click as the lock twists.


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