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Happy birthday to all the February babies! If you want a treat on Valentine’s Day but you’re single, buy yourself something and call it a birthday present! The outdoors may be cold but it’s always warm under a blanket with a slice of cake.


In these ever-changing times, don’t be afraid to seek help or search for concrete solutions. Trust that you know the change you want, and that you want it to come quickly. Be careful, however, as rapid change may disrupt your sense of comfort. Overall, know that the universe is on your side and that help is on the way.


Take advantage of your creativity and the skills you know you have. Although it will require hard work, be prepared to take on difficult tasks with dedication. Resist the pressure to lower your standards or take shortcuts. If you work smart and persevere, you’ll have everything you need to reach your goals.


Something incredible is starting in your life. While absolute certainty is impossible, you will follow the correct path if you trust your instincts. After all, there are good reasons to feel confident in how everything is going. Once you accept that life is unpredictable, you’ve already won half the battle.


Be aware of the differences between your self-image and the way others view you. You may think you’re in an unstable position, where other people think you’re more secure. Allow yourself some kindness. Once you recognize your own abilities, you’ll be able to put them to good use.


You are yearning for an answer or an explanation. Don’t blow this problem out of proportion, this answer is arriving very soon. There is no reason to worry, clarity is on its way. Accept it with open arms and redirect your energy into what makes you happy.


After weeks of cold weather, it is easy to become accustomed to wrapping oneself up in jackets and scarves. However, warm weather is often around the corner. In the same way, you are likely worrying about an issue that isn’t as bad as it seems. Allow yourself some relaxation!


You aren’t happy with the way things are moving around you. You are likely yearning for a sense of real movement and big progress. The next step is to reflect on how you communicate your feelings. Once you make this shift, you will rapidly notice a positive change.


Due to your determination, success is already on its way. While you deserve the best, it may be difficult to find a clear path forward. Know that while there will never be a perfect way to proceed, you can always follow what feels right.


Be careful not to dismiss any of your big ideas. With the right approach and a little imagination, you can achieve your dreams. Don’t listen to your doubters. You’ve executed an idea like this before, and you’re more than prepared to do it again


Something is burning inside you and makes it difficult for you to relax. Search for humour in what you’re doing; It’ll dissipate your anxiety and help give you a new perspective. You will soon find a certain piece of info and it will show you how to proceed.


You’ve been stressing over an issue that will have a strong effect on your future. The hard decision is choosing between a safer boring road and a riskier one with more potential. Whatever you choose, be sure to commit fully and you will make important progress.


You have an urge to change everything. An important area of your life needs an update but you’ve been struggling to figure out how to do it. While it may seem impossible now, achieving this dream is entirely possible. Look for signs of hope in the coming weeks.


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