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BIRTHDAY: Happiest of Birthdays to May Tauruses and Geminis, please enjoy having a summer birthday on my behalf. Celebrate twice as hard in this end-of-semester season! If your birthday is May 12th, you are our Managing Editor’s long lost twin! Also, if your birthday is November 12th, happy half birthday!

  1. Aries (mar. 20-apr.18) : You can read minds this month, Aries. Whatever you’re hearing, it’s true. Branch out, try something new, broach that one subject with someone close to you. Some quiet is coming your way.

  1. Taurus (apr.19-may 20) : April Tauruses (Tauri?), it’s the right time to say yes. Switch it up. Keep them guessing at your next move. May Tauruses (Taurios??), the creative juices are flowing. Pour yourself a glass and indulge.

  1. Gemini (may 21-june 20) : It’s almost your season, Gemini, ride the wave of building energy. Jupiter and Venus are hinting at prosperity and warmth. The next person who compliments you while holding a glass of red liquid may be your soulmate. Let your Sag sisters inspire you, and just go for it. You’re not at risk of losing anything on this one.

  1. Cancer (june 21-july 22) : You’ve got Big Brain energy this month. Take advantage of that for once. HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean you can’t still study for your exams… In fact, pay extra attention to words this month. Count letters if you’re looking for exact answers.

  1. Leo (july 23-aug. 22) : Leo, Leo, Leo. You love to hate and you hate to love, it’s a tale as old as time. Have you thought about settling down recently? Succumbing to some peace and quiet? Letting someone else carry the conversation for once? Don’t worry, I’m sure your ego can take it. Do something out of character. My recommendation is to ask a Sagittarius on a date (please) ((this is a direct request from the stars I swear)).

  1. Virgo (aug. 23-sept. 22): Do not mix the batter until you’ve added the flour. Need I say more? Oh alright, how about this: your doubts are truth, do not ignore them in the name of purity. Add sparkling water to your shopping list.

  1. Libra (sept. 23-oct. 22) : Libra, if your moon is in Pisces, the answer is yes. For the rest of you, absolutely not. Invest, inquire, anticipate. Re-read your favourite quote. Pack an extra pencil for tomorrow.

  1. Scorpio (oct. 23- nov. 21) : Two truths can coexist at the same time. Look out for the two of hearts. You may receive a strange request soon, but do not hesitate to allow the favour. Your karmic balance is still recharging after that last incident (you know what I’m talking about).

  1. Sagittarius (nov. 22-dec. 21) : My darling, you can do no wrong. I think you deserve to treat yourself soon, haven’t you been waiting for an excuse? Your horizons are broadening because of the way you put words together. Whisper sweet nothings and look out for who’s listening.

  1. Capricorn (dec. 22- jan. 19) : What’s the point of trying to give you any advice? You’ll pick it to pieces anyways. My greatest words of wisdom for you? Hold on tighter. Come on. Your grip has been slipping recently. You can do better. Also, don’t wear blue on the 22nd.

  1. Aquarius (jan. 20-feb. 18) : Aquarius, babe, stop being so modest. You are drawn towards high energy and a desire for real connection. Did you dream of the colour purple last night? Consider investing time into your long-lost friends.

  1. Pisces (feb. 19-mar. 19) : Read a poem. Take a walk. If you’re feeling frustratingly misunderstood recently, it’s because you are. Nobody truly understands you, right? You don’t have to agree with someone just because it’s easier. It’s your turn to speak, Pisces.


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