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Émilie Hébert


Colored faces, black and white

Eyes, lips, tears despite

Minds torn turn upright

Human nature all unite

Ugly grief, naked, and bright

Mothers, daughters holding tight

Misery madness’s ultimate fight

Human nature in delight

Forever the Both in Limbo

By Contributor Alexandra Merfu

where did you go sweet young child

when the weather warmed, a new mild

temperament shaken by a wound too big to bear

and a heart too fragile to care.

where did you go young stranger

looking on now in fits of anger

where did your mind go

where did mine? i don't know

dissipated into the clouds of screaming hail

hail hailing down hail, wrenching me out

of me again, just flail, flail, flail,

into the dying and burning of the doubt

pulled out by the back of my head

i’m in some sort of here, in bed

your voice never heard at all

and too many of them around me in the walls.


gentle god or gracious goddess

pull me out again

so that i might stop my despair


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