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A Galaxy Created by Poetry

A poetry compilation.

November 24th, 2018 | Creative Writing


by James Stewart

i feel strange here

did you also find your god on the gravel road of a camping ground, surrounded by fireflies and things you never thought you’d miss?

i keep having realizations, the same one over and over-

the late night where i figure out through my bleary eyes that i don’t know how things will play out, that always makes me cry, because although i’m strong now i’m still full of fear

that i’ll be buried in the backyard of this house and that i’ll never stop feeling like this

i want someone to understand what i mean when i yell here, an alien who isn’t at home, a twisted piece the galaxy accepted but never really welcomed.

i want to remember the grass and bugs and all the things i forget each day, numb and sensitive to the whirls in the cloud of dust and maybe this feeling will linger but i need to move on, need to forget, need to move back to the dirt and the creeks where i don’t need a name.

maybe there i’ll finally be part of an ecosystem. in nature things never rust, only decay, and i would gladly lie beneath the leaves and tell them

that i will be nothing else.


by Hugh Durnford Dionne

I'm sure you’ve heard water scream

It happens when boiling hot and under pressure

Water can be rigid and hold a pose with conviction

yet can also adapt to any situation

by taking the shape of its setting

Water is the ultimate role model

Water is never stuck

It exists by flowing, freezing and, evaporating through the world with grace

Strong enough to mold rocks

Yet can turn into mist and fly away

Nature seems to imitate the flow of water

Making it the ultimate role model

Petalby Sacha Fattor

A sole red petal floats down a river,

Detached from its body,

Detached from society,

It is happier than it could ever imagine,

Down the stream it goes,


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