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Introducing MOSAIC 2022!

Jacqueline Lisbona

News Editor

Poster created by Alexia Aiko Maldonado

Introducing Dawson College’s new and improved Mosaic website. Mosaic is an interactive online portal, an exhibit showcasing the diverse and thought-provoking media arts made by students. Sections include photo essays, films, podcasts & audio, interactive websites, games, scripts, project proposals, “aftereffects”, and “BLOOM”, two projects done in media lab classes.

Throughout this Winter 2022 semester at Dawson, Michael Filtz’ Integrating Activity students in the Cinema Communications program have worked on this year’s Mosaic event. This includes designing the website, deciding on a theme, and promoting the event.

Dipti Gupta, profile coordinator in the faculty of cinema and communications at Dawson said that Mosaic is a “window to the various ideas, thoughts, concepts, philosophies, and techniques being discussed in our classes through the term that culminate into amazing projects. These projects are then being collectively presented under Mosaic.”

Dipti shared that a pop-up exhibition will take place on the afternoon of Friday May 13. Submissions can include physical productions, as well as anything that can be exhibited digitally on an iPad or computer. They will later be posted on Dawson’s Mosaic website that can be accessed online. Submissions must be sent through a Google Doc form which can be accessed via Mio on Omnivox. The deadline for all Mosaic submissions is Monday May 9.

Some questions arise when discussing the difference between Media Night and Mosaic. While Media Night is an event that showcases films, Mosaic receives all types of submissions.

Matteo Di Giovanni, second year cin-com student at Dawson highlighted that unlike Media Night submissions, Mosaic projects aren’t “selected, they’re submitted.” He exclaimed that Mosaic is “awesome” because it is an “opportunity for all ALC students to show their work and have it showcased publicly, which is a great feeling.” This grants contributors the freedom to submit different types of creative formats and display their accomplishments they have been working on throughout the semester.

Erika Coulombe and Alicia Perrone, second year Dawson students in the ALC program added: “Mosaic is on a website with everything from films- to scripts-to art works, whereas Media Night is just movies and short films.” As part of the concept team in their Integrating Activity class, Erika and Alicia used Media Night’s Friday the 13th theme as inspiration during their creative process. However, they decided to do more of a 50s look with darker colors including lots of reds and burgundies. Another interesting point that they mentioned is that although Mosaic has been around Dawson for a few years now, this is the first year they had heard of it in their classes.

Once the concept team was finished with the color palette and theme, they tag teamed the website creation team. Meghety Sazian is one of the members of the web team in the same Integrating Activity class. Meg bluntly stated that at the start of creating the website, her team was “a bit lost due to the missing content and lack of submissions”. Meg also added that she had never heard of Mosaic before and neither did her team, which is why it was a bit more difficult to create the concept because the idea was unfamiliar to them. However, Meg explained that once her team put their heads together, they created a killer website using Google Sites, and fabricated “an inclusive environment where all submissions are welcome”.

Once Meg’s website creation team was done and waiting for submissions to start rolling in, Alexia Aiko Maldonado was working with her promotion team to get the word out to the public. Given that the instructions were essentially “free-range” according to Alexia, her team decided to create posters to hang around Dawson to get the word out. Alexia revealed that it was “fun playing with the theme and trying to come up with more elegant ways to join both horror and a more high-end aesthetic. I had a lot of fun with the color palette and the posters were really fun to make.”

In the end, Michael Filtz’s IA students should be very proud of the work they have done for Mosaic this past semester. I encourage everyone to go check out the Mosaic exhibition and Media Night on the 13th. You won’t want to miss it!



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