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It's Time to Get Connected

by Chelsea Moore

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina via Netflix

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina via Netflix

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina via Netflix

As this new semester is well on its way you may find your social life suffering under the weight of assignments. Balancing academic life and social life can be a challenge, Dawson noticed and provided a solution through their 20 various clubs.

With thousands of students here at Dawson, finding a group that caters to your unique interests can seem daunting. According to Nathalie Sol-Esguerra one of the executives of the Christian club here at Dawson, “one of the most important aspects of joining a club for students is to have a safe space to gather”. Taking a step to get yourself involved with a group of like minded people could shape your social experience while at Dawson.

How can you get yourself involved? Taking the next steps to get connected are easy and accessible. Most clubs will have sign up sheets where they usually meet, social media pages where you can contact them directly, or you can go to the DSU located on the second floor to get more information. Listed below are all the names of the clubs, and where they usually meet.

Green Earth - 2C.10-1

The Legacy - 2C.3

Scifi and Fantasy - 2C.9

Dawson E-Sports Association - 2C.12

People for People - 2C.11

Etcetera - 2C.10

Korea Tea - 2C.11

Dawson Debate Union - 2C.3

Chill Club - 2C.11

Dawson Romanian Club - 2C.3

Dawson Christian Fellowship - 2C.11

Muslim Student Association - 2C.11

The Plant - 2C.15

Music and Arts - 2C.9

Club Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights - 2C.11

Spotlight - 2C.9

Feminist Union - 2C.10-1

Improvisation Club - 2C.9

Life Academy - 2C.3

Hillel- 2C.3

These next few years will be filled with assignments, sleepless nights, and developing the foundation for your futures. Taking the time to build lifelong friendships is important as a student. As a member of the DSU clubs stated you get to “ meet new people and explore and find out what you are interested in,” when joining a club. Take this opportunity to venture out and explore the things that you love. Nathalie continued to point out that “ there is such a beauty within the whole experience” of getting involved in such a great community. Dawson has set up a safe environment to find yourself, and these clubs give you that opportunity, I encourage you to take it. Dawson clubs are amazing ways to make sure your experience at cegep is everything you’d hoped.


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