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Moment Lost

By Anastasia Papakonstantinou


Wind whips through my hair,

Below, a sea of deep blue,

Above, cool open skies,

No railing to keep me from going,

I remain grounded,

My feet glued to the soil,

I am the waves,

Crashing upon the coast,

I am the sky’s serenity,

As the seagulls fly about,

Time stands still,

Below, a myriad of an ivory buildings,

Atop, a golden globe shines,

Not a white cotton candy cloud in sight,

A sweet sweet melody hums,

The strums of a bouzouki,

Drowning the gulls’ chatter,

I am one with the chalk coloured buildings,

Diverging the serene sea of cerulean,

I am one with the melodious symphony,

As the man hums his tune,

Time resumes.


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