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Moonlight's Silence

Timmy Taing


Out comes the moonlight

With stars glowing bright.

Up to the sky I gaze

Within my mind, there's a haze.

A light that shows some stairs

I see someone familiar there.

He looks hot and classy

Invites me for dancing that's fancy.

He offers a hand and I madly blush

Leaving my heart in a rush.

Here we go, up and slow

Waltzing under the moonlight's glow.

The sights looked pure and clear

And I felt nothing to fear.

I thought I was in bliss

But suddenly he didn't want this.

He had feelings that were concealed

And hard to believe they were real.

I tried to look in his eyes

But all I saw were cruelty and lies.

He shut me out of his life

And twisted that back-stabbing knife.

Here we were, up so high

And left with a rude good-bye.

I'd look out into the sky

Contemplating how things went by.

Darkness and clouds started to form

Leaving me in a hell of a storm.

Pouring my world with intense rain

Showering with tears and heartbroken pain.

I miss the old, welcoming guy I knew

But here's the reality I'm going through.

He may have thrown me off track

But not worth chasing someone holding me back.

This storm fluctuates day by day

But I'll get through - somehow, some way…


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