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Multicultural Week: October 22nd-26th

by Emanuella Gumelli

October 18, 2018 | Arts and Culture

Joshua Fuller via Unsplash

With its large student body, Dawson has every reason to celebrate its cultural diversity. “As immigration has changed, so has Dawson,” said Donna Varrica, coordinator of the Public Relations office at Dawson. For the past fifty years, the school has been hosting Multicultural week, a display of tradition from all around the world, giving students the opportunity to showcase their diverse backgrounds. This year’s edition is being held at Conrod’s from October 22nd to the 26th.

This year, Billi Jo Poirier, Recreational Activities Technician, has informed students that the event lies in their hands, as the school attempts “to have a committee where [students] are involved,” said Michelle Lee, recreational technician in the Campus Life and Leadership department. 2018’s week-long festival promises music and food, with the inclusion of a special display of homemade goods. If you love to cook and are proud of a signature cultural dish, the recipe competition is for you, with cash prizes from $100 to $250 offered to the top three finalists.

Students are encouraged to attend the events with open arms, as the week is “a celebration of people’s tolerance and diversity, and most importantly learning how to appreciate them,” said Poirier. Join Dawson on October 22nd to learn and love all of the cultures that make up its student body. Sign up now for the Multicultural show in 2E.6!


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