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Quiz: What is your Ideal Vacation?

1- What is your ideal pastime?

A) Playing daredevil with my friends, testing which one of us will do the wildest thing.

B) Spending hours getting lost into the internet and Wikipedia pages.

C) Sitting in the hot tub with a good book, good music, and a good drink.

2- What is the most important component of any outing?

A) The company with whom you enjoy this outing.

B) What you learn from the outing—about the world, about yourself, or about other, it doesn’t matter.

C) How much it frees your mind from any stress you may have right then.

3- Who is your ideal friend?

A) Someone who is willing to buy into my craziness, someone who is willing to get out of their comfort zone and try everything new.

B) Someone who will debate with me and push me to learn new things, observe different point of views. Someone who will change my perception of things.

C) Someone who has common interests with me, who will distract me from my life and likes to have stupid fun and doesn’t care about other people’s opinions.

4- What’s your favourite part of your home?

A) Any space I have outside. My yard, my porch, the garage when it’s opened. I like open space.

B) My quiet space. I like having a private area where I can focus properly all alone and where I can be absorbed into whatever I’m doing.

C) The dining room. I like the conviviality of the space and how inviting and warm it is. If it’s not full of people, it’s still full of love.

5- What snack sounds most delicious?

A) A bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich. Yes, you know it’s not exactly a snack, but you’re hungry.

B) A granola bar and an apple.

C) A smoothie bowl, and preferably in a vivid, unexpected color.


Mostly A’s: If most of your answers are A’s, you are a wild person in search of adrenaline and breathlessness. You love to move and take risks almost as much as you like boasting about those risks to your friends after. For these reasons, a ski trip in the Swiss alps would be the best one for you—you can race down increasingly hard trails with your friends and finish off an exhausting day with a good drink and raucous conversation by a warm fire only to start the day again tomorrow.

Mostly B’s: You are clearly an intellectual. You search for new knowledge everywhere you go and enjoy figuring things out. A solo cultural trip to the Machu Picchu would be ideal for you, a trip during which you are immersed in a new culture and soak up all the knowledge you can while no one disturbs you or your quest and an opportunity at a whole new outlook on the world.

Mostly C’s: You like things to be simple and fun, and so long as the company is good, you don’t mind what you are doing. For you, the ideal trip would be a stay in a Caribbean All-Included hotel where you could spend your days laughing and drinking on a beach with your most important friends. You want to relax, let go of your life back home, live in the moment and enjoy, and this low-effort sea-shore trip is the best way to do it.


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