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November 29, 2016 | Arts and Culture

via Tristan Lauzon

The students of Imaging Violence and Nonviolence are excited to invite you to their Resist Violence event Thursday December 1st at 6 p.m. in the Upper Atrium.

Currently, the United States are polarized by the recent election of Donald Trump, Indigenous people are getting abused by their governments and thousands of Syrian are dying every day. Saying we live in a great and safe world can make you seem ignorant, because everybody knows that horrible things are happening. Right now. While you read this.

Life can be tough, but also has so much potential to be good. It is time to come together to stop the one thing that divides us: violence. Nowadays, violence is so omnipresent that we tend not to care so much about it. Violence is normalized. It is true that we cannot help every unfortunate in the world but we can stand against our common enemy and resist it.

The students of the Imaging Violence and Nonviolence class are proud to present Resist Violence, an exhibit featuring several projects that resist violence in their own authentic ways. Each project comes from a student or a group of students who gave heart and soul to resist violence. They are all honoured to present you those projects on December 1st, in the Upper Atrium from 6 to 8 p.m. You are all invited to join us for food, drinks, and resistance.



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