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Robotic Blues

By Sean St-Laurent

February 26, 2019 | Creative Writing

In the future, oh so cool

With jet packs that don't use fuel.

Weak humans have given in to sloth

Attached to blue light like a moth.

Robots for their cars, robots for their chores

Robots spitting bars, robots used as whores

Ones that pay your pills, and ones that clean your poos

Then there's just me, programmed to sing the blues.

I can sing about every woe and fear

While you sit and enjoy a beer.

Singing about all the atrocities humans have done

Zero zero one one zero zero one.

Using different melodies and chords

A vast vocabulary of installed words,

Humans are running out of reasons to cry

Guess I'll have to give them a new reason why.

Happy with all the striving crops?

I burnt them all, go cry to the cops.

You puny humans need this thing called air?

Let's see how much hydrogen cyanide your lungs can bear.

I'll poison the streams so you can't drink,

Give you all lobotomies, no need to think,

After you're all sick and mostly dead

I'll put out my guitar and sing about your dread.


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