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Senioritis: An Interview

By Raluca-Mara Mare

Staff Writer

As this semester marks the awaited return of spring after a long winter, it equally marks the awaited graduation ceremony for some. In honor of this long journey, I have decided to interview a few students from diverse programs regarding their perceptions of CEGEP ending and the advice they would give to the newcomers in their programs. I have assembled their best responses. 

Senioritis is commonly defined as “a supposed affliction of students in their final year of high school or college, characterized by a decline in motivation or performance” by Oxford Languages. Its use has become prominent on social media platforms and its humoristic aspect is often employed in relatable memes. As I stumbled across this term a couple of times, I found myself wondering to what extent it has become a phenomenon among graduating students. 

For privacy reasons, the interviewees will be referred to by their initials or their programs. 

How do you feel knowing CEGEP is over in a few months?

SA: Pure relief. It was the hardest transitory stage of my life, but I learned a lot from it. [I] wouldn't do it again.

NH: Knowing [university] is about to be worse....I'm gonna miss CEGEP. I don't wanna be like that mouse eating a sandwich alone meme. 

Z: Kinda sad [to be honest] but super excited. The thought of university is scary [because] everything we do from now on determines our future (...) It’s getting too serious out here. CEGEP was the perfect balance between studies and the freedom to do whatever you want. It was great and I'm really [going to] miss it.

K: My scheduling sometimes was absolutely [censored] so I’m partly glad I’m leaving. 

How familiar are you with the term "senioritis"? How do you define it?

Y: Not really familiar until you explained it, in my mind it means individuals who have stayed at a place for long. 

SA: The feeling of giving up following the [university] application season to the next stage of education, basically. I feel it even in the second semester, so yeah… very common. 

How has your last semester impacted your motivation level? Knowing your R score does not matter anymore, do you feel the need to perform in the same manner as before?

NH: Yes I’m still giving my 100% energy in everything I do, but it's only [because] I want to make my ego cackle. But if I don’t get the results I expected, there’s no point in being upset if it won't affect me. I suppose I’ve become more immune to “failures” now. After all, it is what it is.

SB: I feel a lot less motivated because I have already gotten acceptances. It gives me a feeling of accomplishment even though the semester is already over. I already see myself in university.

If you're planning on going to university, how does your university application process affect your current situation? Do you feel more motivated? Less?

NL: Definitely more motivated to not fail, but not to outperform. 

NH: I feel more motivated I guess. Since things will get a lot harder in [university], I need to prepare now by staying consistent in my efforts. I know the moment I slack off it could become a habit and I can't afford that in university.

EB: I do not feel the need to perform as much as before. University applications were very stressful, but I’m glad it’s over. I just need to wait now. Once, [I am accepted], 

On a funnier note, what is your best and worst memory at Dawson?

NH: Best was being dragged in a debate in the library study rooms with random students. Worst memory is getting scolded in the library.

ZH:  I loved spending my four hour long Thursday breaks with my best friends. Common breaks are so fun. 

A: My best memories are my friend’s birthdays! The worst is definitely the calculus 2 final. 

MA: When a pigeon [pooped] on me while I was going to the forum. It can’t get any worse. 

Lastly, what advice would you give a first year in your program?

Social science student: Do your work early, it'll save you a lot of cramming.

Marketing and management technology student: Even if classes in the first semester are boring, it gets better!

Two enriched health science students: Please don’t hesitate to ask questions in class when you’re confused. Might feel stupid at first but at the end of the day, nobody is to blame for your performance academically but yourself. Also, do not compare yourself to others. And make sure to get involved, do more than just school.

One business student: Stay focused on your goal! It’s normal to be lost at first. 

One law student: Learn out of interest, it’s so useful long term. 



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