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Silly Little Drinks: Is It Worth $8?

Winie Coulanges


Via Lightspeed

Spending money on frivolous stuff is one of my many pleasures. Luckily, Dawson is located near cafés, restaurants, and many other shops that offer a wide array of frivolous items. I shine especially brightly in the domain of beverages because I have very strong opinions about them, even though the thrill of discovering new drinks rarely costs less than a whopping $8 and only truly reveals itself after it is consumed. Because I know that I am not the only one who is aching for a beverage review to inform my drinking habits, I have chosen to be the change I want to see in the world by giving my honest opinion on four drinks near Dawson!

Iced Matcha Latte from Tommy Café

After much anticipation, I was finally able to try Tommy Café’s famous Iced Matcha Latte, which I took with regular milk and a pump of vanilla. The initial taste was warm and delightful and I savored every sip with equal amazement. I can confirm that this Matcha is above average, but it is definitely not deserving of $8 of your hard-earned money and the expenditure of precious minutes between classes. For the taste only, I commend this drink, but the price-to-taste ratio is disappointing, and as a short-budgeted student, I cannot stand the unnecessarily evil of charging an additional dollar for ice.

Final impression: 6.5/10

Pumpkin Cold Brew from Muffin Plus

Once I turned the corner leading to the Alexis-Nihon food court and spotted the Muffin Plus sign, I was pleasantly surprised to see a mid-range coffee shop offering drink options beyond vanilla and caramel. I ordered the Pumpkin Cold Brew inspired by the trees shedding their orange leaves in autumn, but what followed was pretty disappointing. With my first sip, I had already consumed all the tasty syrup. “No big deal,” I thought to myself, “I will just drink the rest like the mature adult I am.” Despite my efforts, I could not ignore the fact that the rest of the drink tasted burnt. I know you are probably wondering to yourself, “How could a cold brew taste burnt?,” and to that I say, “I wish I knew.”

Final Impression: 1/10.

Passionfruit Tea from Cocobun

Aah Cocobun, you will always have a special place in my heart. How could you not, you are the first and last thing I smell when I make my way in and out of Dawson. I could not resist the Passionfruit Tea with lychee and tapioca as it is very agreeable with my love of all things tropical, ranging from shampoo to air freshener. Lychee compliments just about any beverage and tapioca, well, she does not even need an introduction. That said, I thought I was in for a treat, but my drink was way too ambitious: it tasted like a passion fruit concentrate mixed with a Bath & Body Works fine fragrance mist, more specifically A Thousand Wishes. Against my mother’s wishes, I was unable to finish it.

Final Impression: 4/10.

Honeydew Milk Tea from L2

L2, I will never grow tired of seeing your pink signs all around the city. You make me feel like a sailor lost at sea, desperately searching for a safe heaven and I have finally found it. Like a long-lost childhood friend, I can recall memories of us dilly dallying on the swing sets and throwing rocks. Like a USB key I got at a private school open house in sixth grade, I know you will never leave me. The Honeydew Milk Tea with tapioca pearls is hard to describe without falling into obnoxiously poetic language. It is perfectly fruity, delectable and fun! It is the kind of drink you have when one of your classes got canceled and your bus was on time and you need a drink to match that pep in your step. It is definitely a crowd pleaser.

Final impression: 10/10.



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