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Thank you for thinking of me

Aspen Crick

Staff Writer

Thank you for thinking of me

But it won’t ease the pain

That I am dealing with

It won’t make this suffering go away

Won’t it limit me in my everyday?

It truly does

And I want to scream at the world

I was fortunate enough

To not have to think about accessibility needs

at my every step

prior to recently

But now it’s all I can see

And think

Is there an escalator

An elevator perhaps

Anything to make this pain less deafening.

Like a wave crashing again the open ocean

And now I’m being swept off the shore of the people

Oh how I long to go back to that beach where people roam freely

Instead here I am

Googling knee braces

and how to fix this

There shouldn’t be a need for diy pain lessening

And now it’s back to deafening

I can’t hear anything beyond the “I’m sorry ‘s you have to deal with this” or the “How can I help you?’s”

When I don’t even know why this is happening in the first place

This no name secret agent is working against me

Sending fucking enemies along my legs, knees and hips

And I’m just trying to find a sanctuary

Please for the love of god

Can someone tell me why this god forsaken pain has to be chronic.

With its flare ups for no apparent reasons and

Not one super-efficient cure and

Most of all a loss of the normal

Thank you for thinking of me

But I think you should give it a rest

Cause nothing can save me


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