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The Brave Members of The Plant Team Write Haikus!

On Architecture

By Arwen Low

Brutalist blemish

Reason needs some rococo

De con struc tion ism

On Good Eatin’

By Mia Kennedy

Chicken, Chicken, Goose

I am vegetarian

Chicken, Chicken Loose

On Sainthood

By Daylen Conserve

I’m a patron saint

of saying I will do things

then not doing it

On Lust Waiting to be Love

By Pipa Jones

brown eyes like the sun

look up in the red-lit night

brown eyes, please don’t leave

On Short Poetry

By Dinu Mahapatuna

Here is a haiku:

It sucks just as much as all

other haikus, dude.

On Return

By Mayan Godmaire

Each year a new spring

Gaze at life with a freshness

Thunderstorm flowers

On Breathing

By Julie Jacques

I am out of breath–

Over committed, you can

Find me at my desk.


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