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We Like It Loud

Gabriel Gefin


When shards and vessels meet

Where the thickened river sleeps

Our organs dance to hearty beats

And scream

“We like it loud!”

The saddened creature drinks

It wishes not to think

Its problems grow and worries shrink

It’s clear

It likes it loud

The quiet fools rejoice

They laugh without a choice

Their king cares only for their voice

When broke

He likes it loud

The belching beggars sung

Of strums and piercing thrums

A tune not long ago begun

By those

Who like it loud

A putrid stench arose

Donned coats of skin and gold

It retched and spoke of sins and woes

And hope

It likes it loud

Your needle hands have grown

Yet there is nothing sewn

Instead they pierce my skin and bones

And soul

You like it loud

I never thought to yell

For I could still not tell

If you had yet to love as well

Or not

I won’t be loud

The friendly music ends

Our dancing organs send

A final call to all who lend

An ear:

“We like it loud!”


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