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Can I contribute to The Plant?


Yes, of course! All Dawson students (part time or full time) are allowed and even encouraged to contribute to The Plant whether it be written articles or pieces of artwork.


How can I contribute to The Plant?


Send us an email at with your article or artwork and an Editor will be in touch to consider it for publication. 


What do you take as submissions?


Articles (500-800 words)

Poetry (haikus, sonnets, elegies, ballads, etc)

Art (photography, paintings, drawings, Illustration of all kinds, etc)


How many pieces can I submit? 


Each contributor can only submit 1 piece to be published in the monthly publication. There are no limit for pieces that will be published online.


I don’t know what to write about…


No worries! We send out a weekly newsletter with topic ideas for contributors here.

Does The Plant have monthly themes?

Not at all. Contributors are encouraged to send in articles and art with subjects and themes of their own choosing. 

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