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Can I contribute to The Plant?


The Plant extends an invitation to all Dawson College students, regardless of their enrollment status (part-time or full-time), to actively participate and contribute their talents to our publication. Whether through the written word or visual artistry, The Plant encourages students to share their creative expressions and diverse perspectives.


How can I contribute to The Plant?


It is imperative to submit your submissions correctly, whether they be articles or artwork. Please follow these regulations carefully:

1. Send your submission to our editorial team at

2. Along with your name, state which section you would like your work to be under (e.g. news, visual arts, creative writing, etc) Do not just send the submission without any descriptions, it will go to our spam mail and we will not receive it.

3. If you have an image attached to your work, please attach it separately in the same email.

Additionally, if you would like to remain anonymous, please make sure to let us know when you submit it. 


What do you take as submissions?


Articles (700-800 words)

Poetry (e.g. haikus, sonnets, elegies, ballads, etc)

Art (e.g. photography, paintings, drawings, illustrations, etc)


We do not take cover art submissions, music playlists, or curiosity submissions.

How many pieces can I submit? 


Due to limited space, each contributor can only submit one piece per issue. However, there are no limitations on the number of pieces that can be published online. We encourage contributors to explore this opportunity to share their work with our digital audience as well.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

Can I submit an article in French?

Yes! Even though The Plant is mainly anglophone, we are also open to taking poem or article submissions in French.


I don’t know what to write about…


No worries! We send out a weekly newsletter with topic ideas for contributors here.

Does The Plant have monthly themes?

Not at all! Contributors can send in articles and art with subjects and themes of their choosing. 

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