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I Am

Two poems that explore what is involved in the endless act of discovering yourself.

February 14th, 2019 | Creative Writing

What If I hosted a party?

By Hugh Durnford-Dionne

What if one day I started to dance

to a beat that didn’t always need the help of music

This beat would be so convinced that I would move without question

Sometimes friends and strangers would come dance beside me,

when some arrived, others left, but the beat didn’t stop for anyone

On occasion, I would dance really fast and sometimes really slow

The tempo would change but the beat would never come to a rest

I’m not sure when this party will end, or if it will at all

But for now, I’ll be dancing.

The Woman That She Is

By Paola B. López Sauri

Born pink,

grew sweet,

afraid to sink.

You blink,

she flips,

and learns to think.

An itch

to be,

an urge to flee.

A clink,

a spill,

another drink.

Now ink

on skin

and a pierced lip.

A smile,

a wink,

a patched-up wing.

A teen,

a witch,

a grown-up bitch.

Let her be

the woman that

she is.


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