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A Changed Season, A Lost Treasure

Sarah Bensetiti


Concealing the fiercest weapon, the deadliest ammunition,

He disguised himself with the most luscious fruits.

My hunger, this constant craving, couldn't restrain itself in the face of such an opportunity.

How could I say no to my only oxygen?

My body cried, screamed, drowned, sank, asking me to heed its warnings.

But deep down, I longed - I wanted, I needed, I yearned.

Burning with the desire, the temptation, to finally become an object of profit, of interest

To be a simple sculpture that scratched his hungry entrails,

His appetite tamed by the eagerness to be his,

His fantasy that only I could fulfill.

The man covered me with the sweetest words,

The soft, charming and poisonous idioms

And slowly, the man corrupted his treasure.

He proudly seized these freshly bloomed flowers,

Perhaps my only moments of ignorance, of purity

The unthinkable, that’s what He did - that’s what I did.

To let go of my fresh harvest, to yield all to him, my only possession

To go from spring to winter,

From being a simple child to becoming a woman in this underdeveloped, pitiful body

I did that - I wanted that, I kept convincing myself.

Every breath, every stretched muscle,

I feel myself falling into a pit of these poisoned crops.

My body moved for him; my body still moves for him

Rooted deep inside, savoring the little hope that resided within me,

The hope of one day living without thinking of you.

You, with your nightmarish hands, your cursed voice, and surely, your mischievous eyes.

How can I live without planting the same seeds again and again and again?


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