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As Seen in the Hallways: Keenan St-Denis, Prime Minister of the Chill Club

Keenan St-Denis via Keenan St-Denis

Interview by Bridget Griffin

A year ago, the Chill Club wasn’t so popular. Now you have more members than anyone. How do you think that change happened?

To be honest, a year ago, the executive team wasn’t perfect. Chill Club became a place that was unwelcoming to some. It felt like a clique to a lot of people. Once a couple of people had left and a new executive team started to form, it became a more welcoming place. I mean, anybody walks in there, we’ll just start clapping. The whole club. A person starts clapping, everybody’s clapping. How can we have a welcome that’s more warm than that?

Without having a specific thing that your club is for, what do you think is the binding force for your club?

I think it’s about the connections that you make. I think that when you go to Chill Club, you’re always gonna meet at least one person that you really feel like you have a genuine connection to. They say that CEGEP are the years when you’re gonna be making these lasting connections, and to be honest, there’s some people that I’ve met at Chill Club that I wouldn’t have met otherwise that I have grown really really close to.

As a Cinema student, who would you say is your favourite filmmaker?

There’s a lot. To be honest, and this is the most basic answer that a Cinema student will give you, but it’s Wes Anderson. For sure. I love his style. Kind of formal, but very funny. Very unusual, and I like that. Also, he likes the colour yellow, and that’s my favourite colour, so it kind of fits.

Who do you think should win best picture at the Oscars?

To be honest, it’s between Once Upon A Time in Hollywood and Parasite for me. But personally, as much as I love Tarantino, I would kind of prefer it if Parasite won.

Okay, so you have to choose one person to be your significant other for the rest of your life. The first person is a known serial killer who will never kill again, and the other person is someone who can only communicate through the song Mahna Mahna from the Muppets.

Mahna Mahna all the way. I think that life can be so boring sometimes, but if my significant other said “mahna mahna” every time they wanted to speak to me… I don’t know how that’d feel, but it would evoke emotions that I’ve never felt before in my life.

And you don’t think it would ever get annoying?

Oh, it definitely would, don’t get me wrong. But I don’t find that more annoying than having people ask me about my serial killer significant other.

Yeah, that’s valid. What’s one food that you don’t understand that other people like?



Celery all the way! I can’t stand it. No offense to anyone who likes celery, but I just don’t understand what brought them to that point in their life of eating celery. Look, you’re allowed to like things, right? But, celery? It’s like choosing the serial killer for your significant other. Celery? I just don’t understand. I hate celery with a burning passion. Always have.

Just to bring it back to the Chill Club, your position is Prime Minister.

Yes, that is correct.

Why’d you go with that title?

There was a lot of debate in the Chill Club about whether we should change it to Prime Minister. I will always say that I’m proud to be Canadian. And I don’t know, it was just a funny thing at first but then when we were redoing the constitution, one of our members, Jasper (Keenan’s brother), decided to motion to change president to prime minister. Somehow, more people voted yes. And obviously, because it was an official motion, we had to change it. I was among the people who voted yes. I have this philosophy where I like to do things if I find that they’re funny, like making a dumb comment that might make no sense to somebody. If I find it funny, I’m confident enough to say it. This is one of those things. I found it so funny to change president to prime minister that I just went along with it, and I’m pretty sure that all the people that voted yes felt the same way. I also go by other names. There’s Ringleader, and Queen Bee. We’re kind of a hive mind. If one of us claps, the rest of us clap. And if it’s a hive, then I’m the queen.



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