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CIXS Dawson's Radio Club Shut Down

January 27, 2017| News

CIXS Dawson’s Radio Club, previously operating for 25 years, has been shut down in the wake of a tense relationship between the club and the college’s student union during the Fall semester.

A notice was posted on CIXS’ Facebook page stating that the club would be “completely dissolved as of this semester” due to “numerous irresponsible decisions in the past few semesters, as well as disobeying the Dawson Student Union on numerous occasions, and all the other mistakes that have been made on CIXS’ part”.

The post went on to thank members of CIXS for taking part in the club and states that it would “always be part of Dawson’s legacy”.

The current treasurer Josh Rubin says that the reason for shutting down Radio is a combination of problems,  “from not doing their jobs and misusing the club spaces to breaking almost every rule in the book.”

Last year CIXS Radio had attempted to change its reputation in the hopes of increasing its involvement and productivity in showcasing Dawson’s diverse musical talents. However, there was a number of problems that prevented proper communication and respect both internally and in relation to the DSU.

Certain important equipment was mismanaged during the semester, and tools which would have allowed them to broadcast over the FM radio, including stable internet connection, were not provided.

In the past, CIXS Dawson Radio has been able to broadcast from online sites. In 2011, CIXS had gathered up to 4,827 views on their site and was broadcasting weekly from 8:30 am until 5:30 pm. The lack of training and cooperation from past CIXS executives to the current ones led to the unproductiveness and aloofness of the CIXS.

Toward the end of last semester, CIXS executives made the decision to reevaluate their elected members and held a re-election. Yet, the combination of inactivity, misuse of the spaces and bad relations with the DSU contributed to the DSU’s choice of dissolving the CIXS Dawson radio.

Hopes for the revival of radio persists and the current team of executives is working on big plans to restore radio and create an inclusive space to support new and upcoming Dawson artists.


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