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COCKADOODLES: The Colouring Book for Your Weird Uncle

November 24, 2016 | Arts and Culture

Chris Elphick and Connor Thompson with their book. via Connor Thompson

A Canadian duo is reminding us all to follow our dreams this holiday season. Close friends Connor Thompson and Chris Elphick were two ordinary podcast hosts until Connor made a shitty joke about how adult colouring books didn’t have any adult content in them. From there, their wiener-themed colouring book Cockadoodles: A VERY Adult Colouring Book was born.

Described as a “take on that scene in Superbad, but we go further down the rabbit hole,” Cockadoodles: A VERY Adult Colouring Book might just be the missing piece needed to fill the penis-sized hole in your heart.

Pleasantly surprised by the success of their podcast Stuck in the 90s (available on iTunes and on their website), the pair decided they had to do something else that was creative, and they “knew dicks were the answer.” Chris mentioned the idea of a colouring book, and thus it became a real-life goddamn thing.

“I think it started out as shits and giggles, but the more we put into it, the more it became ‘We’ve really got something here,'” says Thompson. Elphick agrees: “If it crashes and burns, I’d like to say it was for shits and gigs. But something shifted.”

The pair have an indiegogo campaign up that they’re using to cover costs associated with publishing an adult colouring book. Currently, they’ve raised nearly $1500 of their $5000 goal, but they plan on publishing either way. The best part? When you donate to the campaign, you’re also ordering a copy of the book.

Elphick and Thompson drew all the images in the book themselves. And they’re quite aesthetically appealing. Thompson says he watched tons of tutorials to master the art of dick-drawing.

If you’re looking for a Christmas gift for some dude you hate, look no further. If you think this is incredibly stupid, maybe it is. But I agree with Elphick when he says, “The world is ready for a book full of dicks.”


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