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Dawson Reacts to Canada's New Political Order

October 26, 2015 | News

Justin Trudeau at a Liberal event. Zoomer Radio

After surveying the campus of Dawson College and its periphery for reactions to the recent election, it was found that opinions and emotions were still fresh and strong a week after Justin Trudeau and the Liberals claimed a majority government.

When asked how the process of voting was for him, Dylan, 18 years old, answered, “The people there were really stupid. I think they all smoked crack and then decided to run the booth. It took like, twenty minutes.”

Dylan and Anaelle, also 18, engaged in a debate concerning their loyalties. In response to new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Anaelle said, “It’s fucked up! Really sad to see Harper go. I really liked him.”

“Why, ‘cause Harper protected Israel?” Dylan asked (both youth are Jewish). “I wanted the NDP to win,” he continued. “But, the Liberals are better than the Conservatives, at least. The added bonus is that free weed is great. But maybe that makes me a weird stoner guy.”

Sammy, 19, also had an opinion about Trudeau’s promise to legalize marijuana. “I want it to be legalized, not only because I want to smoke weed in public, though, that would be awesome,” he said. “It would also stop a lot of innocent Canadians from getting incarcerated.”

Andréa, 52, said that she was relieved upon hearing the results. “When you grow up in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, you see the country change, and it’s frightening to see the country change into a dictatorship.”

Sara, 19, reacted to the Liberals’ majority government. “We needed a majority to get the Conservatives out. I think people voted to get the Conservatives out more than they voted for the party that they really cared for emotionally,” she stated. “The Liberals are the better of the two evils, especially for environmental reasons. Had people voted for the other parties, there wouldn’t have been a majority, and there would be a risk that Harper could regain power.”


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