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It’s 2019 and the Jonas Brothers are Burnin’ Up Again

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

By Julia Bifulco

Me, 9 years old thinking Joe Jonas could see my sing from the balcony

“Joke’s on you! The Jonas Brothers can’t break up, they’re brothers!” Melina Brum prophesied on Vine as the user @melinur. Little did she know that in the “Year 3000”—sorry, I mean 2019—every teenage girl from the 2000s would rejoice upon hearing the news that, yes, it’s true, our boys are back in town. (And I will definitely be taking this opportunity to make as many Jonas Brothers song references as possible. You’ve been warned.) 

The world first said “Hello Beautiful” to the band in 2005, when the three brothers, Kevin, Joe, and Nick, quickly climbed the charts thanks to their appearances on the Disney Channel. After four albums, two Disney Channel Original Movies, and two seasons of a television show, their fans would have loved for the boys to stick around for “A Little Bit Longer,” but in 2013, the band of brothers split up to pursue solo careers. 

It turns out that we simply had to “Hold On” and be patient, because the Jonas Brothers are now back and better than ever. After releasing “Sucker,” their first single in six years, the fans’ prayers have been answered; with an album, a documentary, and a world tour, the band is making quite the “Comeback,” and we couldn’t be happier. 

Their newest album since 2009, Happiness Begins, truly shows how much the boys have grown, not only as musicians, but as people; they truly are “Inseparable”.

To dedicated fans, the album presents both a trip down memory lane and a fresh, new sound for the band. The band has not lost their “Heart and Soul,” and I, along with countless other fans, am so excited about their reunion. 

Preceding the release of the album, the band’s documentary Chasing Happiness premiered on Amazon Prime Video. The movie tells the tale of the brothers’ lives outside of the band, detailing the events leading up to their unplanned hiatus. Given that their creative differences were getting the better of them, instead of starting “World War III,” the boys decided to focus on solo projects. The youngest brother, Nick, released two albums and the middle brother, Joe, released one as a member of the group DNCE before the Jonas Brothers’ reunion this year. The documentary details the emotional “Rollercoaster” that was the creation of Happiness Begins, showing just how much love the brothers put into the album. 

The band’s successful return to pop music can be heavily attributed to the feeling of nostalgia that longtime fans have when listening to the Jonas Brothers’ music. The band first started as a rock band, and was later pushed towards pop music by Disney Channel. Happiness Begins combines both genres, satisfying old fans, and making older fans even happier. This also helps the band move farther away from the title of boy band, which makes their music seem “Much Better”, given that boy bands are no longer what’s trending in music. 

In August, the brothers kicked off their Happiness Begins Tour with a sold-out crowd in Miami. Both new and old fans alike “Wouldn’t Change A Thing” after having seen the concert. Show after show is selling out, so much so that the band has been able to add tour dates every few months. The Jonas Brothers will be travelling overseas in February to perform their final show of the tour in Paris. 

After the album debuted at number one and the tour sold out almost instantly, the band has been winning award after award. They have attended the MTV music awards, attended and performed at the Billboard Music Awards, and have also performed on The Voice, among other music-related shows. The Jonas Brothers are on a roll, and thankfully, they don’t seem to want to stop anytime soon. 

Whether you’ve just recently caught the “Lovebug” for this band or have embarrassing pictures of yourself with a sign from their last tour, you’re in luck, because the brothers have a tour date booked at the Bell Centre on November 27th.  Fans everywhere are excited to see where this new chapter in the brothers’ lives will take them. As for me, I’m just going to “Play My Music” and not-so-patiently wait for their next release. (Stream Happiness Begins on Spotify and Apple Music!)



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