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Lady Bumblebee

Simone Belanger

Arts & Culture Editor

for the tiny hand

to the spiderweb to the

last cliff to stand on flatland

i was a bee who refused to sting

i was neither black nor yellow

but i was hungry for

incoherent things

and the more i poured

the more the jug gulped

i was a nonentity who defied

to stand, always, in the nth line

to be defined by soulless strings

to view as finite

the nest in the seabird in

an even greater nest

i was a sorceress who dissolved

the fearsome loathing of the void

for all the little, translucent wings

those iridescent

frail membranes

that cannot bear the misty rain

for them i plucked

a leaf, a bright green piece

a token of ancient civility

and sheltered this new company

her name

hastily whispered

farewell, lady bumble bee


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