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Kara Fusaro


I thought I'd know who I am.

By now, I'd hoped to have it settled.

Hiding behind so many layers,

Unbroken walls

Held up high with concrete and prayers.


Eyes lined black:

“Need for attention?”

I've been yelling for 19 years,

Trampled over, silenced, ignored…

Or met with heavy condescension


Take my wants,

Tear them down:


Rip me limb from limb;

I’ll weep and cry.

You've molded me to submission.


Heavy silver chains

Weigh me down by the neck,

Hold me down at the ankles.

Can't seem to hide the pain–

Maintaining my composure.

Blinking back tears of rage,

You are the force on my rib cage.


Why is it me who has to comply?

Bite after bite, my body devoured.

“Go change, you look like a wreck.”

I'd rather run naked and free.

What is the desired effect? 


I don't owe you my story.

I don't understand why I should be sorry.

You didn't fail me; I'm no exam.

Because only myself and my will

Can decide who I am.

I’ll have to silence your voices.


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