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Overheard at Dawson, Volume 1

Collected by Talia Kliot

People say weird stuff at Dawson all the time. We took to the hallways to gather these gems. Enjoy! 

“You seriously let her shit on your chest?”

“My mom quit her nursing job to become a rapper.”

“Honestly, the thing I hate the most is wet socks.”

“Maybe we should scream.”

“It was like an intellectual threesome.”

“I just febreezed my dick.”

“I have some news for you, we’re married now.”

“He’s full of boogers all the time because he eats yogurt.”

“I’m gonna tell Jesus that you said that.”

“I’m wearing a fedora so I’m not sorry.”

“I’m such an idiot, I forgot my silly bandz again.”

“I summon fireball whiskey!”

Person 1: “You’re never going to cry when you’re high.”

Person 2: “I did, I watched Toy Story 4 and I cried alone.”



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