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Pick Me Apart

A collection of poems about blooming and withering.

April 19th, 2019 | Creative Writing

Sun and Rose

By Jacob Cunha

Behold! Mighty sun

Bless this rose with warm respite

Shivers to the bone

Why are all the flowers gone?

By Liana Trasente

I heard her say

Sunflowers are the prettiest flowers

Because they always face the sun

Well I am sorry

That I am a withering rose

With a stem full of thorns

And that you are blind to my

Courage and beauty

I am sorry

That I am not a sunshine yellow

But a bleeding red

And that you cannot see

That I am trying my best

So adore the pretty one who faces the sun

Love her, worship her soft yellow petals

I will be here working on myself

And someday, I will no longer be sorry

3 am

By Laura Colombo Fiore

You - in a hospital bed

Me - sitting in the ratty old lazy-boy

Ripping at the armrest

Trying to make myself smaller

You have chemo running through your veins

I have anxiety in mine




Intercom announcement

Comes panic

You’re okay



My brother

Oh my brother

With chemo coursing through your veins

It’s the reason why I have anxiety in mine


You are the reason why

I have

Belief in my heart


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