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The Gaps Of Sunlight

Toka Siyam


The gaps of sunlight

An image half complete

I try to put the puzzle together

Frayed edges and broken bones

The music in the background,

Your boyfriend loves that song but so do I

I don’t know me anymore

I used to love playing with your hair,

Then summer came and you cut it all off

I slept in your bed for days

Now I can’t recall the colour of your walls

Who am I?

A teenage boy lost in a daydream,

A long way from home

I dream of your eyes, golden honey

We’re lying on the grass

(I wrote you a poem when the cold came,

When I started seeing our ghosts

In places I passed by every day)

Now I’m alone

With the gaps of sunlight

Illuminating my darkest thoughts,

My deepest fear

I lost you on a cold winter night

But darling,

Were you mine in fall or summer or ever at all?


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