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The Plant Recommends: Hangout Spots!

Long breaks, as most of us know, are prone to become dull and tedious, often rhyming with the good old ascension to the library. For our very first issue this semester, The Plant’s team decided to curate a few outside-campus alternatives that will allow you to flee the College’s walls for an hour or two. Recall the sweet crispness of September’s gentle breeze. Of the crunchy leaves longing for the giant shoes’ stomping. Beyond the gates, summoned you are! This month, let yourself be tempted by one of our beloved writers’ juicy picks. Buckle up friends, we’re taking a stroll!

Simone Bélanger


Cafe Chato

You know what’s better than studying at the Dawson Library? Studying while being surrounded by cats! You can enjoy a smoothie, read a book, and cuddle with adorable kitties. The area is very comfortable, has great food (their affogatos are my personal favorite), and is very close to the college! It’s only five stations away and can be a great way to escape the sometimes suffocating Dawson College Air :).

Sarah Bensetiti


Esplanade Tranquille

Photo via FABG - Architecture.

Situated in the Quartier des Spectacles, Esplanade Tranquille offers tranquility through its comfortable space, winter skating rink and multipurpose areas for playing board games, studying, meeting friends or simply taking a nap. Its festive side is just as amusing. You can often find festivals and events nearby, so might as well take a look!

Raluca-Mara Mare

Staff Writer

Shaughnessy Café

Photo via Shaughnessy Cafe.

Step inside a peaceful environment inhabited by laptop bound coffee-sippers and page-swiping book worms. This is an ideal place to chat with friends whether you have a 30 minute or 3-hour break, as the café is located right behind the forum. And don’t be shy to shazam the music, it is not a crime to add hidden gems to your playlist!

Thomas Frenette

Arts & Culture Co-Editor


Photo via Montréal Centre-Ville.

Located only a few minutes on foot from Peel, Caffettiera is the ultimate coffee shop to spend time with friends during a long break. Its welcoming and intimate ambience is perfect for long conversations over a warm croissant and a latte made from real Italian espresso. Although laptops are not allowed, Caffettiera is ideal for catching up on never-ending readings.

Angélique Babineau

Managing Editor

Grande Bibliothèque BAnQ

Forget everything you know about libraries. The flagship location of the Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec has broken records as the most frequented library in all of North America and the Francophonie! Housing an endless collection of books, movies, video games and vinyl records, the Grande Bibliothèque gives you room to soak in your book and do your homework with thousands of beautiful study spaces. A membership is completely free and it’s accessible through the Berri-UQAM metro station.

Mirren Bodanis

Voices Editor


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